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Community Assistance Program

Medlane Medical Complex always keeps its community's health as a top priority. We strive to provide 100% free medical and surgical services to our patients who are financially compromised.


Lend our hand and donate to our noble cause. Every patient is our priority, because to us, the patient comes first!

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 With ever increasing inflation, increase in costs of medicines, medical supplies and recent floods in Pakistan leading to an economic chaos, people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are suffering and are unable to cater for their medical needs. With the current Malaria and Dengue outbreak; and COVID 19 pandemic, the government hospitals have been overwhelmed and are unable to provide medical services to every citizen in need, on time. 

We at Medlane Medical Complex have stepped up and are providing 100% free medical and surgical services such as Gynecological surgeries and deliveries, General Surgery (Open & Laparoscopic procedures) and Urological procedures to the poor population in our community, along with free medicines, blood labs and other imaging services, including Xrays and ultrasounds. 

Donate to help save lives!

Donate to this noble cause to help save lives

Account Name: Medlane Medical Complex

Account Number: 54760020087343970027

Bank Name: Allied Bank

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